The conference includes topics and applications such as

  • geographic and archaeological information systems
  • remote sensing, e.g. satellite imagery, aerial photographs
  • terrestrial and airborne laserscanning
  • digital image processing and pattern recognition
  • digital elevation models
  • 3D and 4D visualization and landscape reconstruction
  • geophysical prospecting, e.g. ERT, SRT, GPR
  • data fusion
  • spatiotemporal analysis

Digital Geoarchaeology 2013 is not limited to the abovementined facets, though. A broad range of further applications from different disciplines like Archaeology, Computer Sciences, Geography, Geoinformatics, History is covered. Interested parties are cordially  invited to submit innovative papers that relate to the scientific concept of Digital Geoarchaeology and, thus, focus on the investigation of past man environment interactions.